ALM in Marine Drive strives to make the area cleaner and greener

ALM in Marine Drive strives to make the area cleaner and greener

Marine Drive is a popular place in the city of Mumbai. Therefore, this department is closely watched by the government agencies. Since the A & C Ward is in the limit, the municipal system does not pay attention to its measures, therefore, in 2000, to keep an eye on the municipal corporation Advance Locality Management Patan Mandal (ALM) was established.

The ALM has 28 buildings in this section. It has a population of around 7000. The garbage was lifted from the municipal corporation only in this area. During the initial days, there was a lot of emphasis on maintaining cleanliness and to keep the area clean and green. But after some time, some of the ALM residents simply quit paying heed to the entire cleanliness drive and now the garbage that keeps on piling over here has become a growing problem.

Manisha Haji (52), a resident of Western Court building in the same area, suffers from asthma. Her father-in-law, Rajinikanth Haji, is also suffering from asthma. Therefore, Manisha Haji, says due to the rising pollution levels that come from garbage that keeps on getting accumulated and the increasing number of vehicles in the area she and her father-in-law are suffering from a disease as serious as asthma. Hence she states that everybody in her neighbourhood should start focusing on using the garbage for better purposes like converting it into compost and help raise awareness so that nobody else suffers.

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