Shiv Sena corporator demands right for citizens to examine kitchens in restaurants

Of the 442 kitchens examined by the FDA in Mumbai, 327 were labelled as unhygienic


Many people living in Mumbai rely on hotels and restaurants for their meals. Even after several attempts made by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), the cleanliness of the kitchens remains the biggest issue. 

Despite the prosecution carried out by the BMC and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on many occasions, the condition of the kitchens remains unhygienic. Considering the same, Shiv Sena corporator Tejasvi Ghosalkar proposed to BMC that the customers should be allowed to examine or see the kitchen. 

The accountability to maintain cleanliness in the kitchen falls on the owner. However, the same has not been happening which is affecting the health of the customers. According to BMC Act 394, any civic body official can go inside the kitchen of a hotel or restaurant. However, the commoners don’t have the same right. 

Ghosalkar has proposed that the commoners should be given the same right so that they can eat with satisfaction. Moreover, if the citizens are allowed to see the kitchen, it will increase the responsibility of the owner to ensure the cleanliness.

The Shiv Sena corporator further informed that due to the unhygienic conditions in the kitchen, people can suffer from diseases such as Hepatitis B, Typhoid. Therefore, the customers should be allowed to see the kitchen, said Ghosalkar, adding that the owners of the restaurants and hotels should inform about the same by putting up a notice at the entrance.

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According to FDA officials, almost 74 per cent of restaurants, pubs or hotels in Mumbai cook food which is not suitable to eat. Of the 442 kitchens examined by the FDA in Mumbai, 327 were labelled as unhygienic. 

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