Now all shops can remain open in three shifts 24x7; Will generate employment

Shops can now decide their time of operation and choose to stay open round the clock while time curbs on bars, nightclubs and discotheques continue

Now all shops can remain open in three shifts 24x7; Will generate employment

As per the amendment of the Maharashtra Shops and Establishments (Regulation of Employment and Service Condition) Act, 2017, the state government has issued a notice on Wednesday that all shops and establishments can now remain open round the clock, all seven days of the week. 

What does it mean?

  • Shops and establishments can stay open, 365 days a year and can also choose opening and closing time.
  • Can stay open 24x7 if no restrictions by the state
  • All workers to get a mandatory weekly off
  • Time curbs on bars, nightclubs and discotheques to continue
  • Restaurants in residential areas need clearance

Motive behind the amendment

According to labour minister Sambhaji Nilangekar-Patil, the move will generate more employment as establishments would need workers in three shifts. Patil also told that Maharashtra is the first state to implement the shops and establishment Act to free shopkeepers from licence inspectors as the shopkeepers can register online.

What's more?

Besides shops, the move also covers malls, restaurants, and hotels. Over 12 lakh small and medium-sized establishments having zero or less than 10 employees who run an online business or work from home are exempt from the amended legislation. About 22 lakh establishments are expected to be benefitted by this relaxation. Also, over 35 lakh workers and manual labourers will also be facilitated to get identity cards and minimum wages by the amendment.  

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