Not fake news! There was an actual SNAKE in a local train on Thursday morning

The snake was found on a CSTM bound local in the general compartment who was then chased away by the commuters


On Thursday, commuters travelling in a local train on the Central Line were surprised to see a special commuter in the general compartment. Dogs are commonly found commuting in local trains but this time, it was a snake that was found on the ceiling fan of the general compartment!


Commuters travelling on the CSTM-bound local train saw a snake around 9:30 am in the general compartment. This very local had left Titwala around 8:33 am and reached Thane around 9:30 am. One of the commuters looked up to take his bag when he saw a snake moving his body on the ceiling fan.

All other commuters saw the snake and a panic swept across the compartment. Meanwhile, they pulled the chain and chased the snake outside the compartment.

As the chain was pulled, other local trains were stopped, causing a delay on the line. However, after 10-15 minutes, local trains resumed services.

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