Taraporevala Aquarium: Country’s oldest aquarium to get another facelift

As part of the renovation, varieties of fishes such as parrotfish, squirrelfish, clownfish and and even piranhas will be added

Taraporevala Aquarium: Country’s oldest aquarium to get another facelift

The country’s oldest aquarium Taraporevala Aquarium is set to receive another facelift after four years of its re-opening. The renovation of the aquarium began in 2012 and the refurbishment dragged for three years costing ₹22 Cr. Finally, the aquarium was re-opened in March 2015.

The aquarium management informed that the paint is peeling off the fish tanks, the aquascaping has worn off, and the lack of crowd control has resulted in damage to the tanks. The management added that the latest round of renovation will start in a couple of months’ time.

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When the aquarium was reopened in March 2015, the only additions were a three stride-long tunnel aquarium. Maintained and operated by the Fisheries Department, the aquarium gets 2,000 visitors on a daily basis. It has 16 seawater tanks and nine freshwater tanks housing 31 types of fish, while the 32 tropical tanks contain 54 varieties of fish.

Fisheries Commissioner Arun Vidhale, who is in-charge of the aquarium, said that the aquarium will not be shut during renovations as it was done in 2012. He added that the aquascaping will be done afresh, and more varieties of fish will be added.

The aquarium officials said among the varieties of fish to be included will be parrotfish, squirrelfish, clownfish, and even piranhas. Among the tropical varieties, there are plans to get the Blackghost and the Elephantnose.

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