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Three girls escape from Dongri Children’s Home

A few hours later, of three girls, one returned when her family refuse to take her in the house


On Friday evening, three girls aged between 16 and 17 escaped from Dongri Children’s Home. The trio used tables and a ladder to scale the home’s 15-foot boundary wall. A few hours later, one of the girls returned while two remain at large. The authorities believe that the girls wanted to go home for Diwali.

Of three one girl went straight to her Borivli home, but when her family didn’t allow her to stay with them, she went to the local police station and informed them about her escape. She told police that she wants to return to the remand home. The Borivli police then brought her back, said Trupti Jadhav-Sankpal, Superintendent at Dongri Children’s Home.

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The other two girls who were recently admitted to the hospital are yet to be traced. One who was found 10 days ago by Government Railway Police at Dadar station hails from Bihar while the other is from Tamil Nadu who was found by a non-profit organisation at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) a few days ago.

According to police, on the day of the incident, the three girls excused themselves saying they needed to go to the bathroom, instead took a ladder that authorities believe was on the premises by the Public Works Department (PWD) and tried to use it to scale the 15-foot boundary wall.

Meanwhile, Senior Inspector Sandeep Bhagdikar confirmed that no offence has been registered so far against the runaway girls. This is the fourth incident of children admitted to Dongri Children’s Home attempting escape in 2018.