Exclusive: Mumbai Police arrest 133 people from Juhu's Sea Princess Hotel with regards to Gambling

The complaint was filed by Musa Shaikh on Monday night. The list of the arrested people includes names of popular filmmakers, businessmen and others.


Mumbai Police’s Social Service branch on Tuesday received information regarding gambling held in Juhu’s Sea Princess hotel. Social activist Musa Shaikh filed the complaint with the police and action was taken basis the information provided.

As per reports, Mumbai Live has found out that around 133 people have been held by the police. Sources confirm that 63 men, 52 women, and 18 members of the hotel are held for investigation, and most of them belong to the elite and renowned families in the city. The list includes names of filmmakers, political leaders, businessmen etc.

It was earlier being said that Ex-MLA Baba Siddique’s son, Zeeshan Siddique, was also being questioned by the officials. However, police have denied the same.

Talking about the same exclusively with Mumbai Live, Musa Shaikh, said, “I received a call on Monday night, at around 2.30AM, and I registered a complaint about the same at 3:30 AM with Juhu Police. I was also informed that Ex-MLA Baba Siddique’s son, Zeeshan Siddique was also involved in the same."

Sources close the Juhu Police department have confirmed that they received the information and were planning the investigation. However, no official statement has been made yet.