Who Killed Judge Loya? Activists protest in Mumbai’s local trains

The group intends to create awareness among people regarding the death of Judge Loya

  • Who Killed Judge Loya? Activists protest in Mumbai’s local trains

After the Caravan Magazine published Journalist Niranjan Takle’s report which allegedly named BJP President Amit Shah in the murder of Justice Brijgopal Loya, the mainstream Indian media has been silent on the murder but the matter has gone to the Supreme Court now.

Many activists have openly blamed the mainstream media for its biases and have asked harsh questions regarding the case, irking the establishment. Some activists in Mumbai have also been very vocal about this issue.

A group of eight activists travelled in Mumbai’s local train from Borivali to Churchgate – stopping at major stations - on Tuesday to protest and raise questions over the death of Justice Loya. These activists were protesting in a unique way without any sloganeering but just wearing t-shirts which said: “Who Killed Judge Loya?” 

Earlier in 2014, Justice Loya died in Nagpur and the reason cited for his death was a heart attack but there have been doubts regarding the reason for this death. Four petitions have been filed in the apex court demanding a probe into this matter claiming that the death of Judge Loya was not natural. The Supreme Court is yet to give its final verdict on the case. Justice Loya was appointed at the CBI court to hear the Sohrabuddin murder case and suddenly he died. In the report by Niranjan Takle, Justice Loya’s sister said that the judge was offered ₹100 crore for a favourable judgment in the Sohrabuddin case.

Many activists have demanded a high-level inquiry regarding this matter including these eight activists in Mumbai. The group, on Facebook, have organised a public awareness drive asking one question, “Who killed Justice Loya?”

We will continue to spread public awareness about the death of Justice Loya through this t-shirt movement. Justice Loya has been murdered and the inquiry is being ignored,” Vinod Chand, a fellow protestor.

The group travelled from Borivali to Dadar and Churchgate with the motive to create awareness among the people and successfully, they were able to catch some attention with their unique way of dissent as some of the railway workers were curious and asked them about their activity.  

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