Little situations matter as they decide the victory or the defeat: Rohit Sharma

Prior to the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019 season, Mumbai Indians captain, Rohit Sharma, and the team coach, Zaheer Khan described their intent for the league

Little situations matter as they decide the victory or the defeat: Rohit Sharma

Indian Premier League (IPL) 2019 is about to unfold March 23rd onwards and as the 'cash-rich' tournament begins, the eight franchises will fight for the title of India's foremost cricket tournament. One of the strongest contenders for the title are Mumbai Indians, who have the joint-record with Chennai Super Kings (CSK) for most number of IPL wins.

On March 19, at an event in Mumbai, the captain of Mumbai Indians team, Rohit Sharma, and coach Zaheer Khan spoke about their strategy for this season, emphasising that this year, they will experiment players as per the opposition and the conditions. Meanwhile, the Indians' this year have two explosive batsmen, Yuvraj Singh, and Siddhesh Lad, in their camp and would look forward to finding the perfect environment for both the players to find their spot on the team.

Speaking about Lad, the Mumbai skipper said,

He is a consistent player and has been with Mumbai Indians camp for the past two-three years. We'll see where each individual stands and alongside, Lad does not have experience playing in IPL. But we believe that he might have a skill set that might surprise the opposition. 

Talking about his players' performances, Sharma also mentioned that it is every player's responsibility to win the match for the team. However, in crucial moments, it solely becomes an individual player's responsibility to win a match. He said,

"These little situations matter as they decide the victory or the defeat. For example, while chasing a target, if 10 runs are required off the last over, then it is the batsman's responsibility solely to win the match. Similarly, while defending a target, it becomes a bowler's job to stop the opposition from scoring runs."

Zaheer Khan, who is a former Indian pacer said that the Indians' camp is filled with talented bowlers

Anyone can be part of the playing XI. It's tough for us to make the selection but we drive towards creating an environment which is trusting and relaxing for the players, even for the ones who don't make it."

However, Kieron Pollard's form has been a matter of concern for the Mumbai Indians as well as the fans. Talking about it, Zaheer Khan stated that he's important for Mumbai Indians and is a game-changer. He added that the 20-30 runs scored by the Carribean make the difference in crucial matches, and also added that Hardik has been passionate about the game. Speaking about his injury, he said that everything has been under control so far.

Mumbai Indians begin their IPL journey March 24 onwards, with a home match against Delhi Capitals.