The most popular cricketers in the world of fantasy cricket

The most popular cricketers in the world of fantasy cricket

For all those of you who think that the world of online fantasy cricket is similar to that of real cricket, you should think again. Ever since the concept of cricket tournaments such as IPL has been introduced, the world has seen that the players you generally perform greatly in the international tournaments, don't tend to perform the same way in the tournaments like IPL. Since most of the people who play fantasy cricket prefer to participate in leagues instead of the games of ICC fantasy cricket, the performance of these international games doesn’t really impact their decision in picking a player in their fantasy cricket team.

Let’s check out some of the most popular cricketers who are hot picks in the world of fantasy cricket.

Suresh Raina

While a lot of people would be surprised to see this name on top of the list, you should know that this chap has by far been the most consistent performer. Although he has always been an integral part of the Indian cricket team, he outperformed himself when he played from the IPL matches. He did not just win a lot of matches for his team but became a hot favourite of the crowd as well.

Chris Gayle

This West Indian all-rounder is definitely in the fantasy cricket team of everyone. Known for his spectacular boundaries, Chris has been a constant favourite in tournaments such as the IPL. There is hardly a team that would not want him to play on their side and win matches for them. With the unique sense of a game that he has, he has not just won games, but a lot of hearts as well.

MS Dhoni

The hotshot former Indian captain is not just popular as captain cool but also for the kind of game he plays. He is one of the most successful captains and players in the history of cricket. Dhoni is one of the capped players in the world of fantasy cricket. In spite of being available at a high price, no one would ever miss taking Dhoni on their side if they are looking for a clear victory. 

Rohit Sharma

He has been a constant pick in the Mumbai Indians IPL team and the case is no different in the world of fantasy cricket. In addition to being one of the most promising openers in history, he is also known for his positive attitude and the kind of confidence he instils in his team and the supporters. 

Virat Kohli

Although Virat Kohli could not taste a lot of victories in the IPL tournament, his performance stays distinguished as one of the most consistent performers. Most of the people who support the Royal Challengers Bangalore are because of their love for Kohli. This charming cricket player has been called one of the best Indian captains in history. All of us avidly look forward to an IPL tournament that belongs to RCB as we want Kohli to taste success in this arena as well. 

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