Mumbai police save rat catcher from drowning

Mumbai police save rat catcher from drowning

Here's a story that should warm the cockles of your heart on a rainy day.

A 75-year-old rat catcher, whose identity we are yet to establish, was rescued from drowning by alert Mumbai policemen on Tuesday.

The rat catcher was on duty near the Mithi river in Dahisar when he slipped and was drowning. The MHB colony police patrol which was in the area saw him and dragged him to safety. Rat catchers in the city lead a tough life, with only sticks as weapons for killing the rodents. They often scour drains, go down manholes, and as in this case, scan river banks in the metropolis to catch their prey. It needs to be mentioned that the rat catchers are paid on the basis of rodents they nab every day.This year, the BMC has hiked the rate of killing each rat paid to the rat killers from Rs 10 to Rs 18. Each of the 30 strong rat killer force in the city has been given a target of killing 30 rats per night. 

The Mumbai police shared infor on facebook  about the incident on Tuesday. 

We, for one, are truly touched!

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