Agent demands ₹2 lakh from a family to release their son's dead body

Indian Embassy helps out the family to bring the dead body from Malaysia to India

Agent demands ₹2 lakh from a family to release their son's dead body

If you are planning to opt for high salary jobs in foreign countries through an agent, then beware, as one had to lose his life. At first, he was illegally recruited, sent to Malaysia under the pretext of a legal job, then he was drugged due to which he lost his life. 

21-year-old Sandeep Brahmadev Choudhary resided at Chembur's Jayhind chawl with his parents. A few days ago,  Choudhary met Vikram Ghadge, through a mutual friend. Choudhary found out about Ghadge's high-salaried job in a foreign country. He then decided to go for it. Likewise, he told his father, who took out a loan to send his son.

Agent illegally recruited Choudhary

Both Vikram and Sandeep completed 15 days of the HTCW course — which is required to work on a ship — and they were illegally recruited by Autar Singh from Punjab, an agent on a Malaysian ship.

The duo left for Malaysia in July 2017 and started working on a boat. After working for two months, they had a few differences with the captain and quit the job. Then the agent asked them to meet another agent Jagdeep Singh in Malaysia.

Choudhary was drugged 

Agent Jagdeep took the duo to Sibu in Malaysia and asked them to pay ₹1.20 lakh for the job. Accordingly, Sandeep's father Brahmadev sent the money. Both, Vikram and Sandeep started working at Charles Loonley ship in Sibu but soon the Malaysian police took action against the ship, as it was illegally anchored at Bintapur port.

The duo tried contacting Jagdeep but the latter stopped answering their calls. Gradually, with their contacts, both started working at Cary Bensy ship. As it was a day and night job, the captain used to drug boys and make them work for 12-15 hours. Meanwhile, they were deprived of food and sleep. This continued for the next two and half months. As they were not getting proper food and sleep, both Sandeep and Vikram ran away from the ship.

Drugs kill Sandeep  

Both started looking out for Jagdeep but they were unable to find him. Meanwhile, they started working as helpers at Sino Handro company. As Sandeep was addicted to drugs he fell ill and was admitted to Kapita Hospital, Malaysia. In the span of two days, Sandeep's health deteriorated and he died.

Malaysian police were suspicious about his death but the agent paid a bribe and shut the case, his friend Vikram told Mumbai Live. He added that five such people met with the same fate.  

Agent demanded ₹2 lakh to release the dead body

 Vikram then informed Sandeep's family about his sudden death. Agent asked his family to pay half of the expenses to release his dead body as the company was ready to bear the remaining expenses. Late Sandeep's father Brahmadev told Mumbai Live, that he was threatened, that if he fails to pay the remaining money, then he will not get to see his son's dead body.
Brahmadev then informed Indian Embassy about his son's death who helped the family in bringing his dead body on Tuesday night to India. Brahmadev said that he will be taking action against agents Jagdeep and Autar Singh.

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