Beware, you don’t live twice…


Mumbai – The suburban railway service is also called the ‘Lifeline’ of Mumbai, and very rightly so. But, many people also lose their lives in railway accidents all over the city. Often such accidents result in the death of the passenger and a crisis for his or her family both emotionally, as well as financially. If anyone is to be blamed for such mishaps it’s not the railway, but the onus is on us. We often do not follow rules and endanger our lives. The CCTV footage from Ghatkopar and Kurla stations highlight the same.

During the last week itself, 40 people have died in railway accidents. The footage from CCTV is shocking, to say the least. It shows a man trying to board a local at Kurla station misses a step and is dragged along. Fortunate enough, he is rescued and saved by other commuters. A youth at Ghatkopar station was not so lucky. As he tried to disembark from a running express train, he lost balance and went into the gap between the platform and the running train, leading to the tracks and eventually death! The footage shows a shocking incident in which a youth commits suicide at Ghatkopar railway station.

The haste might save you a minute or two. But it also puts your life in danger. Remember, you live only once. So stop taking chances and stay safe.

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