• Boomerang

Mumbai - You can't mislead the police and get scot free.Varun Kashyap Bhuyaan must have learnt this lesson hard way . Creative director by profession , Varun launched a complaint about allegedly being harassed for using a bag made of cow leather . According to him on 19 august while going for work by an autorickshaw , rickshaw wallah questioned him about his leather bag and suspected that it was made from cow leather. Varun accused that he was also threatened by the rickshaw wallah.He put this post on his social media account to which garnered quite an enthusiastic response. But eventually the police found out this to be a fake incident as the rickshaw with num 9625 was never traced .And Varun himself was found to be at home at the time of the stated incident.Finally ,police have filed a case against Varun for filing a fake case and to create a rift between two communities