Comedian/actress Mallika Dua abused by Uber driver over 'AC temperature'


Indian comedian and actress, Mallika Dua, took to social media to narrate her horrendous experience with Uber India.

Mallika was travelling in an Uber cab where she asked the driver to adjust the AC temperature. What followed next is truly shameful.

The cabbie started hurling abuses at Mallika and asked her to get out of the cab. Mallika obviously was taken aback by his behaviour but the cabbie lost all decency.

Using language like “nikkal tu gaadi se b*******d,” people like Mr.Chetan need to be punished for this kind of erratic behaviour.

Uber India got in touch with Mallika and assured her of corrective action from their side. But when she asked them for proof, they didn’t give her any.

This isn’t the first time Uber has come under fire over safety concerns in the past, particularly regarding the safety of women. Mallika Dua being a famous personality, this case has come to light but we wonder how many such cases actually happen in reality in India.

Here’s what Mallika Dua aka ‘Makeup Didi’ said on Facebook