Colaba Hotel Owner Booked For Conducting Illegal COVID-19 Tests of Foreigners

Out of the ten COVID-19 positive foreigners, one has fled the hotel without any trace. The search for the fugitive foreigner is underway.

Colaba Hotel Owner Booked For Conducting Illegal COVID-19 Tests of  Foreigners

The ongoing coronavirus crisis has disrupted international flights across the country for the past few months. As a result of this, many foreigners are still stranded in the country. It has been reported that at least 59 people of Sudanese nationality have been staying  at a hotel in South Mumbai.

The hotel owner has been booked by Mumbai police for allowing them to illegally stay and making them undergo COVID-19 tests by a private laboratory without the consent of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)

Most of these Sudanese citizens were staying at the Hotel Agha Baig in Colaba, and had run out of money and wanted to return to their homeland. However, they could not fly back without getting tested for the coronavirus. Following this, the owner of the Hotel decided to arrange for a private laboratory to get them tested for the deadly virus. The coronavirus tests were conducted without the knowledge or permission of the BMC.

After conducting the tests, ten of the foreign nationals were tested positive for COVID-19. Out of these ten, Ahmed Almin fled the hotel without any trace. After getting information about the situation from the local medical authorities, the police have registered a case under the Disaster Relief Act following a complaint lodged by Dharmakumar Kori. 

Currently, the search for the fugitive foreign national is underway. As per media reports, the other Sudanese nationals were called to the Colaba Police station on Tuesday and their statements were recorded. 

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