66 policemen have recovered from Coronavirus in the last 48 hours

A total of 195 officers and 1236 policemen from Maharashtra Police are currently undergoing treatment. Besides these, ones with mild symptoms of corona have been quarantined.

66 policemen have recovered from Coronavirus in the last 48 hours

Over the last few months, many policemen across Maharashtra tested positive for the coronavirus and several succumbed to the infection too. As per the current data, around 1,431 policemen in the state are suffering from a viral infection, however, amidst this comes the good news that not a single coronavirus-infected policeman has been found in the last 48 hours.

Further, 66 policemen have recovered from the COVID-19 infection, in the last 48 hours and so far, 34 officers have died in the pandemic

Thousands of other police officers who had come in contact with the infected patients are currently quarantined, but these officers served relentlessly during the crisis, in the last few months.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has extended the lockdown across all containment zones in the city, until June 30, 2020, which also means that the police officers have to perform their during for the pandemic until the month in many parts of the state and adding to it, the monsoon in Mumbai will bring additional responsibilities. Every year, the waterlogging problems along with heavy traffic during the rains keep the police officers on toes and the pandemic has only made the situation more intense.

Records state that around 195 officers and 1236 policemen from Maharashtra Police are currently undergoing the treatment for coronavirus infection. Besides these, some who have found to have mild symptoms have been quarantined. However, the good news is that a decline in these numbers has been observed, and as per the total data, 813 have fully recovered.

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