Counterfeit notes scamster behind bars

    Counterfeit notes scamster behind bars
    Mumbai  -  

    Govandi- For the last 10 years accused Aamir Banvarkar was absconding for counterfeit notes scam is finally under arrest. He was leaving under disguise. According to the Deonar's API Bilal Sheikh, in the year 2006, Deonar police inspector Prashant Raje got the news that some men were selling fake denominations of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000. Raje then carried out the raid and arrested two people, one was Aamir, and also seized 11 fake notes. When Aamir was caught he refuted the allegations and went absconding. Finally, on Wednesday police got the tip and they arrested Aamir from Deonar.

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