Craftsman ran away with gold worth INR 3.4 crores; Police investigating

Police are searching for the accused craftsman

Craftsman ran away with gold worth INR 3.4 crores; Police investigating

An incident where artisans ran away with gold ornaments worth INR 3.5 crores took place at Zaveri Bazar in South Mumbai. The name of the accused worker is Yadav Chandrapal and the Lokmanya Tilak Marg police have registered a case of fraud against him. It is alleged that the accused cheated seven bullion traders under the guise of making, repairing and polishing jewellery by gaining trust. LT Marg police are investigating the matter.

Complainant Kesarsingh Modasingh Kharwad is a resident of Malad area and is a gold trader by profession. He is in the business of buying and selling gold jewellery. Yadav Chandrapal was his familiar craftsman and he used to make gold ornaments from him. Yadav owns a jewellery manufacturing factory at Zainab House in Mandvi area of Zaveri Bazar. Yadav, who made good jewellery at low prices, had won the trust of all. So he had his acquaintance Saraf along with Kharwad to make jewellery. 

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From 6th February to 18th April 2024, seven persons including him along with his bullion merchant friends Nilesh Kantilal Jain, Sanket Sushil Dangi, Vikesh Champalal Jain, Piyush Soni, Jinesh Parekh, Nilesh Kantilal Jain gave Yadav Chandrapal gold worth INR 3.4 crores weighing 5 kg and 192 grams, was given for making, repairing and polishing jewellery.

As usual they did not get the jewels in time. He was trying to avoid them when asked repeatedly. Finally, it was learned that Yadav had fled with jewellery worth five crores. After knowing this, Kharwad went to his factory in Zaveri Bazar and inspected it. This time they realised that Yadav had run away. After this incident, he along with six other Saraf traders lodged a complaint with the LT Marg police. After verifying this complaint, the police registered a case against Yadav Chandrapal for defrauding seven gold dealers by embezzling jewellery worth Rs. 3.4 crores. Police are searching for the accused craftsman. Soon a team will be sent abroad.

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