Fake N-95 Masks Worth ₹21 Lakh Seized From Lower Parel

Since the demand for preventive items like masks and sanitizers has grown, several counterfeit products have entered the market using the names of reputed companies.

Fake N-95 Masks Worth ₹21 Lakh Seized From Lower Parel

The prevalence of COVID-19 is increasing day by day in Mumbai and Mumbaikars are also trying their best to adhere to the rules of the lockdown and stay indoors. Since public safety highly relies on virus preventive items like masks and sanitizers, the demand for these items has massively increased across the city.

With this growing demand, a large number of counterfeit products using the names of reputed companies have started to enter the market. However, Mumbai's Crime Branch recently seized fake N-95 masks worth more than ₹21 lakh from Lower Parel.

As per the reports released by the department, the distributor was selling these fake N-95 masks under the name of a reputed company. The total worth of the fake mask stock seized from the distributor is reportedly worth ₹21,39,000. The action was taken by Unit 3 of the Crime Branch department of Mumbai Police.

The accused distributor Safdar Hussain Mohammad Jafar Momim (40), lives in Bhiwandi and has sold these fake masks since the pandemic started. The investigation has further revealed that although Momim is the leader of the gang, the main accused behind this black market business is someone else. According to Deputy Commissioner of Mumbai Police Akbar Pathan, Mumbai Police is currently investigating the location these masks were produced and distributed.  

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