MGM Hospital System Hacked; Hackers Demand Bitcoins In Exchange For Unlocking The Encrypted System

So far, the hospital has not faced any financial loss and the hospital’s system coordinator has filed a case under the IT Act with Vashi police


On Sunday, Vashi’s MGM New Bombay Hospital reported a ransomware attack which demanded bitcoins in return. The hospital authorities found out about the attack on July 16, when they tried accessing their computer system and found it to be locked. 

The hackers are demanding bitcoins in exchange for unlocking the encrypted system.

P.K. Shashankar, the administrator of the hospital, said that around 9:00 pm, on Sunday, a system message popped up saying that their system had been hacked and they should contact the culprits to retrieve their data. He added that the hackers had provided an email address but the hospital staff did not write to them and instead filed an FIR on Monday. He said that the hospital did not face any financial loss.

Ramnath Parmeshwaram, the system coordinator of the hospital, has filed a case under the IT Act with the Vashi police.

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