Dairy farmers violate FDA rules

    Dairy farmers violate FDA rules
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    Goregoan-According to guidelines of the FDA and FSSAI, any dairy products cannot be sold without having the governments approved labels on it. But dairy farmers at Arey Colony unit 22, near Powai, are openly selling their dairy products to people.

    All sorts of dairy products have to go through the tests by FDA and the products have to be labeled, but the dairy farmers at Arey Colony are selling their products like milk, paneer, Shrikhand, Lassi, Ghee without going by the process ruled by FDA.

    This incident came to light when one of the customers Rajesh Panwariya, consumed lassi at one of these stalls and started to vomit. Ironically the Aarey counter is just next door but was without any customers. On being asked about this issue, CEO of Aarey Mr Rathod intially brushed aside the facts saying that it must have been the the items from the stall that were being sold.

    But when the citizens showed him the photographs, he casually promised that he would investigate the matter.

    Whatever may arise from the investigations, roadside vendors selling adulterated dairy products is very dangerous to unassuming people who take a break to while passing through Aarey.

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