DCP catches police constable while receiving a bribe

On Friday night, Deputy Police Commissioner (DCP) (Port Zone) Rashmi Karandikar suspended the police constable for using her name and helping diesel smugglers escape


In police fraternity, there are many such police constables and junior police officers who take a bribe and threaten people by using the name of their senior police officer and most of them get away with it. But, one such police constable was caught red-handed by Deputy Police Commissioner (DCP) (Port Zone) Rashmi Karandikar, who suspended the accused police constable by ordering a departmental inquiry against him.

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The incident took place in Mumbai’s Port Zone, where smugglers stole oil from the company's oil pipelines via a coastal route with the help of few junior police officers. However, with the arrest of alleged kingpin of a diesel smuggling racket, Raju Pandit, it was believed that oil smuggling has been brought under control. But it was still active as the police constable was helping diesel smugglers to get away with the diesel. 

On Friday night, Wadala police had set up barricades when the said accused police constable was letting the truck drivers escape using Karandikar’s name without interrogating them. When the police constable was taking money from the truck driver, Karandikar caught him red-handed. 

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