Dharavi: Brothers Arrested For Gang-Raping Woman

Two brothers were nabbed for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman (20) at knifepoint.

Dharavi: Brothers Arrested For Gang-Raping Woman
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According to the latest reports, on Sunday, May 15, two brothers were nabbed for allegedly sexually assaulting a woman (20) at knifepoint. Police officers have been quoted in accounts elaborating on how while one raped the woman, the other filmed the act and allegedly threatened to circulate the video if she spoke about the incident to anyone. 

Dharavi police station personnel elucidated that the brothers entered the house during the day and raped the girl at knifepoint. The woman, police say recently came to the city, cited narratives.

The police added that the authorities checked over 102 CCTV cameras in the vicinity. Through this, they were able to identify an accused who was seen talking to a shopkeeper in Dharavi's Sant Kakkaya Marg.

Based on accounts, the authority contacted the shopkeeper who identified the accused, a resident of Vile Parle as Nilesh Chauhan (20). Following this information, the police arrested him along with his brother Anil Chauhan (19).

Another police inspector of Dharavi police station was mentioned in narratives remarking that the younger brother saw the woman in a garden in Dharavi. He was allegedly attracted to her and attempted to speak to her, but she avoided him. Later, the brothers recced her house. The police claim that while the brothers were born in Dharavi, they had recently moved to Vile Parle. 

Reports suggest that the brothers had come to Dharavi for a relative's wedding and lived there for three days. They are claimed to have followed the girl on May 10 after which they entered her house. Accounts claim that while the younger brother at knifepoint sexually assaulted the girl, the elder made a video. Following the crime, they threatened her and fled. 

It has been reported that the police have arrested the brothers and have them in their custody till May 23. A case has also been registered against them under the relevant sections. 

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