Dharavi Murder Case: Husband responsible for killing wife, three-year-old daughter

The accused husband had an affair and planned to get rid of his wife and daughter


In 24 years, Mumbai Police solved the mystery of two murders which happened in Dharavi. A woman and her three-year-old daughter on Thursday were murdered and there was an attempt to burn their dead bodies. 

During the investigation, Shahu Nagar Police discovered that the husband was responsible for the murders. The husband committed the murder to get rid of his wife as he was indulged in an affair. The police have arrested the husband and his partner. 

While talking to the media, the police informed that the accused husband Ilias (38) was in relation with Afreen even after getting married. Ilias wanted to marry Afreen but was unable to do so due to the family pressure. The deceased wife Tehseen was aware of the same and the married couple used to usually fight over it. 

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The police further informed that Afreen and Ilias planned to get rid of Tehseen. On Thursday, Ilias killed his wife and young daughter and set both the deceased on fire. The neighbours complained to the police after seeing the smoke coming out. After discovering the dead bodies, police took Ilias into their custody for interrogation. 

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