Flouting rules, children fly drones in daytime


Mumbai – Look at these children flying their valued possession. They are not flying their kites. They are flying the drones and that too throwing the permissions of the BMC and the police in dust bin by breaching the limit of time.

They were caught on camera when Mumbai Live correspondent was passing from there and when he asked about it, he was forced to stop the video shooting.

The flying of drones in Mumbai during daytime is banned. Still, these boys wearing half pants were flying drones for the Frishman Prabhu Company. What was more surprising is that a cop standing there did not find it objectionable. When our correspondent inquired more about it, the cop swung into action mode and called in a wireless police van on the spot. The cops arrived on spot investigated the matter and after going through their papers, they left those children. The shocking thing was that chief minister was inaugurating a floating hotel nearby. It would not be surprising for Mumbaikars if drones keep hovering over them by flouting the rules of Home Ministry.

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