Flying rocket wrecks havoc

    Ramabai Colony
    Flying rocket wrecks havoc
    Mumbai  -  

    Ramabai Colony - We have been told several times 'Don't burst crackers', but we don't adhere to the advise and enjoy taking the risk with them. Fire broke out in a house on P L Lokhande marg, Ramabai Colony, Chembur on Wednesday morning owing to a cracker.

    Aba Sarode's house caught fire, the rocket went flying inside the house and the refrigerator caught fire thus burning cupboard, clothes, jewelry into ashes. As a marriage is scheduled for the next month, Sarode family had made shopping for the same. All that is not turned in to ash. Fire engine was called immediately to the spot and fire was controlled. Former MLA Chandrakant Handore assured that the loss shall be compensated.

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