Kamala Mills Fire Case: 1Above’s three owners get police custody after bail appeal was rejected

1Above pub owners Abhijeet Mankar, Jigar Sanghvi and Kripesh Sanghvi were sent to police custody until January 17, 2018


In connection to the Kamala Mills fire case, 1Above owners and accused Kripesh Sanghvi, Jigar Sanghvi and Abhijeet Mankar were sent to police custody until January 17. 

N M Joshi Marg police arrested Sanghvi brothers on Wednesday night while Mankar was arrested on Thursday morning. 

The public prosecutor asked for a police custody for the owners until January 17 for the loss of 14 lives and running a hookah parlour without permission. In their defence, defendant party i.e. lawyer of 1Above pub’s owners clarified that police made an arrest without any inquiry. They should have arrested Mojo’s Bistro’s pub’s owners instead. The lawyer targeted the police saying they changed the direction of the investigation after the fire audit report which claimed that first fire erupted in Mojo’s Bistro because of a hookah.

The fire brigade team while inquiring took a statement of an eye-witness named Manoj Nikam. He told in his statement that first, the fire broke out in Mojo’s Bistro. Along with him, the fire brigade team recorded statements of other 14 eye-witnesses. They also submitted the video clip to support the statement.

The lawyer said that the fire brigade had permitted Mojo’s Bistro’s but they failed to douse the fire in an emergency situation. He targeted police saying that the police did not collect any evidence against the main culprits. All three accused surrendered by themselves, still, they were booked under section 304 of IPC. In order to pressurise the accused, police did not spare their families and managers.