Kamala Mills fire incident- Hookah caused the fire at Mojo's Bistro: Fire audit report

Among 14 dead, one was a bouncer who could have guided others and saved lives

Kamala Mills fire incident- Hookah caused the fire at Mojo's Bistro: Fire audit report

On December 29, 2017, a fire broke out in Kamala Mill’s Mojo’s Bistro and 1 Above restaurant which claimed 14 lives but the reason for the fire was not known. However, the fire brigade department has stated the reason for the fire and that was — Hookah.

According to the report, the flames came out of the coal which was placed on the sheesha and it came in contact with the curtain which engulfed both the terraces and killed 14 people.

Usually, at such pubs, bouncers who are present to man the crowd are trained to handle emergency situations. However, the shocking part of the report was among 14 who died, one was a bouncer. The report stated that if the bouncer had shown the exit door then lives might have been saved.

Post the fire incident, fire brigade department conducted a check, to find out the reason behind the fire. After which a report was made which was released after the BMC commissioner Ajoy Mehta signed it. It also concluded that the fire came from Mojo’s Bistro.

Considering the upcoming New Year's Eve celebrations, Mojo’s Bistro and 1 Above had decorated their restaurants with a plastic curtain which covered both the restaurants' terraces.

The fire started from a hookah section which was in the south-corner of Mojo’s Bistro, where flames came out of the coal which got in contact with the curtain.

Only one way to the elevator

According to the report, when the fire broke out in Mojo’s Bistro, a loudspeaker was functional in the adjacent 1 Above restaurant because of which people did not realise the intensity of the situation. But when pieces of the burned plastic curtain started falling on people, a panic situation was created. Also, there was only one exit to the lift. So around 200 to 225 people huddled around lift which only carried five people at a time.

So, many of them ran to the toilet to save their lives. But even the bathrooms were full and due to the emission of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gas, 14 people died due to asphyxiation.

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