Malvani Police finds a kidnapped child in 24 hours

The six-year-old was kidnapped to force him into begging. However, the police rescued the child and arrested the kidnapper


In 24 hours, Malvani police found a six-year-old who was kidnapped from Malvani area so that he could be forced into begging. The police have also arrested the kidnapper. 

Since December 1, Malvani Police’s missing department initiated Operation ‘Muskaan’ to find the kidnapped children. As of now, under this operation, the police have found 10 kidnapped children. Of the 381 missing cases, the police have solved 304 cases. 

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This operation was initiated on December 1 and will go till December 31, and is being carried out under the leadership of Malvani Police Station’s Senior Inspector Deepak Fatangre including Missing Department official Ananda Bagdi, Constable Ashok Shinde, Head Constable Chaudhary and others. 

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