Shocking Stat! 5 Girls Go Missing In Mumbai Every Day

From January 2019 to May 2019, 553 minor girls went missing from Mumbai. Out of which, Mumbai Police were successful in finding 413 girls. However, keeping in mind the number of girls missing last year, the police are yet to find 397 minor girls

Shocking Stat! 5 Girls Go Missing In Mumbai Every Day

If you think Mumbai is a safe place for girls, think again as there has been a gradual increase in the number of cases where minor girls have disappeared from the city. In a country that reveres women as goddesses, the missing incidents point in the opposite direction with no signs of finding a solution to the problem.

There have been infamous groups who abduct minors and push them towards prostitution or begging on the streets. Mumbai Police has been nabbing such groups in the last few years and the number of cases had dropped significantly after the police have taken action. 

However, once again, the groups have re-emerged in the last two, three years causing several kids have gone missing from Mumbai. The court too had slammed the police for being careless towards such cases. According to the records, between January 2019 and May 2019, 553 minor girls had gone missing, but the police were successful in finding 413 girls.  

However, despite that, more than 397 minors have been missing including the girls that were reported missing last year. Therefore, on average, five girls go missing on a daily basis from the island city. Apart from the victims that are brought to Mumbai on the pretext of job opportunities, numerous girls go missing from the city itself. But the government and the police have failed to show sensitivity towards this human trafficking issue. Victims belong to the middle class and underprivileged families due to which, there hasn't been much attention paid by the police. 

Every day, hundreds if not thousands of people go missing from Mumbai which include minors that lose their way back home, teenagers eloping from home, kidnapped children. The gang keeps a special eye on such individuals and nabs them.

Other than that, minor girls are kidnapped and pushed towards prostitution by the gangs. Surgeries are performed on these girls to make them look younger and many times, the victims die due to the side effects of the surgery. 

On numerous occasions, where the minors are from rural areas, the gang members are familiar with the victim's family. Since the victims belong to an underprivileged family, the gang members lure the parents into sending their girls to Mumbai for better livelihood. Later, in order to solidify their lies, he/she keeps sending the parents, the girls' photos taken prior to their extortion.

Subsequently, the gang member begins to stop contacting the parents and later, the girl is extorted. On the other hand, if she manages to escape and run away, the girl is not accepted by her parents and in case, she is accepted by her parents, they don't find any groom for the girl.

In 2019, the police were able to nab the gang members running such rackets as, by May, they had registered cases against 189 criminals and arrested 179 gang members in regard to appointing child labourers. The police freed around 252 children and arrested 39 of the gang members for forcing the children to beg and has filed charges against 35 of them. 

Missing Girls(Statistics)

YearFiled CasesAction
20181339 (minor) 1082 (minor)  

2019553(minor)413 (minor)

5 3

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