Mira Road murder: Police finding it difficult to count the pieces of the corpse; PC for accused till June 16

Accused Manoj Sane met Saraswati in 2014

Mira Road murder: Police finding it difficult to count the pieces of the corpse; PC for accused till June 16
Accused Manoj Sane

In a shocking incident where an investigation led to an accused Manoj Sane who cut Saraswati Vaidya’s body, his live-in partner into pieces and cooked them in a cooker to dispose of them has been remanded in police custody till June 16. 

56-year-old Sane and 32-year-old Vaidya were living in a rented flat on the 7th floor of Geeta Deep building in the Geetanagar area of Mira Road for the past three years. On Wednesday evening, it was clear that Saraswati was murdered after a stench emanated from the house. Many shocking facts have been revealed in the investigation conducted by the police. 

Circle 1 Deputy Commissioner of Police Jayant Bajbale said that Manoj killed Saraswati in the midnight of June 3 and was dismembering the body for the next four days from the morning of June 4. In the bathroom, he dismembered the body with an electric saw and a saw blade. He was cooking each organ in a cooker to separate the bones and meat before disposal. Police have found numerous body parts in a cooker, 3 pots and 2 buckets. Manoj had also cut the head of the dead body into numerous pieces. All these pieces have been sent to JJ Hospital and only after that it will be clear which organs he disposed of, Bajbale explained.

Normal behaviour after murder
After killing Saraswati, Manoj was living in the house. He was eating both meals outside as he was cooking dead bodies in the kitchen. During this period, the police said that his behaviour was normal, quoting an eyewitness. It is also clear that Manoj has an incurable disease.

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The reason is unclear
The police said that Saraswati's murder was pre-planned. The police said that the reason for the murder could not be clarified from the investigation of the accused so far. The police said that the accused Sane is very calm and is not cooperating with the investigation. He is saying that Saraswati committed suicide by consuming poison and after that he panicked and tried to dispose of the dead body. However, Bajbale explained that the investigation is being done after verifying all the possibilities. On Thursday, the Thane Sessions Court remanded Manoj to police custody till June 16.

Identity, Love and Murder 
Manoj Sane hails from Borivali. A building called 'Sane Residency' was constructed in 2008 on the ancestral land at Babhai Naka. His brothers live there. Manoj has given his flat for a monthly rent of INR 35,000. He was running a ration centre in Borivali. He met Saraswati Vaidya in 2014. Saraswati was an orphan. This acquaintance turned into love. For the past eight years, the two were staying at Mira Road. He lived in the house where the murder took place.

"She's like my daughter"

Manoj Sane has made shocking revelations in the police investigation. “He is HIV infected. Physical relations were never established between him and Saraswati. Because, Saraswati was like his daughter," the police officer told 'Indian Express' that Manoj claimed during the interrogation.

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