Mumbai Police Begin Extradition Process of Notorious Gangster Prasad Pujari

Indian gangster Prasad Pujari's arrest in Hong Kong for carrying a fake passport has paved the way for his possible extradition to the nation.

Mumbai Police Begin Extradition Process of Notorious Gangster Prasad Pujari
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Indian gangster Prasad Pujari, who was arrested in Hong Kong last month for carrying a fake passport, is now facing the possibility of extradition to the nation. Pujari is wanted in Mumbai for several cases of extortion, murder, and attempted murder.

Mumbai police have started the process of requesting his extradition to India, and a miscellaneous motion was presented to a special court last week to start the extradition process. The motion was approved, and the DCP was allowed to sign the affidavit.

Although there is no extradition agreement between China and India, the city police officer handling Pujari's case has said that the absence of the treaty doesn't mean extradition is impossible. Pujari's file and DNA samples will be sent to the Chinese government to establish his identity.

Pujari was caught while attempting to board a flight from Hong Kong to Shenzhen following a tip-off from Interpol. He lives with his family in Shenzhen and is married to a Chinese national.

Pujari is facing more than 15 extortion cases, one murder case, and several attempted murder cases, including a 2019 murder attempt on a Shiv Sena official in Vikhroli. In 2020, Pujari's mother was detained for an alleged extortion case. Authorities claim that mobster Kumar Pillai, extradited to the city in 2016, was connected to Pujari.

Pujari's arrest is seen as a significant development for the Mumbai police. He is considered to be a notorious gangster who has been operating for over two decades. Pujari has been a wanted fugitive for more than a decade, and his extradition could open the doors for the Mumbai police to investigate his activities further.

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