Parental pressure drives woman to suicide?

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    Parental pressure drives woman to suicide?
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    Jogeshwari- 27 year old Jogeshwari resident Snehal Rane ended her life on 1 December, after her parents allegedly refused to permit her to marry her boyfriend. She hanged herself at her residence when her parents and younger sister were not at home. When her younger sister Mangal came home, she rang the door bell. When no one answered, she broke down the door with the help of her neighbours who found Snehal hanging from the ceiling fan.

    According to the Vanrai police station’s sub inspector Sudhir Rathod, before killing herself, Snehal left a letter in which she stated that was in a relationship with Vaibhav Fefde (29) but her parents disapproved of their relationship. She also mentioned that her parents were searching for a match for her and that upset her and so she took the drastic step. Vaibhav who was missing is now under Kasturba’s police custody and is being questioned. Snehal’s body has been sent for post mortem while the Vanrai police are investigating her mobile phone for records and her Facebook profile for more clues.

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