Police refuses to file an FIR owing to doctor’s illegible handwriting


You may have come across cases where the police give all odd reasons for not filing an FIR. But this time, the police seemed to have made an exception to this, giving the reason that they were unable to comprehend the doctor’s handwriting in the medical report. The case is of Nirmal Nagar Police Station where a woman went to get her complaint lodged, but the police, on the other hand refused to do it, since they felt that the handwriting in the report was illegible.

Turns out Komal Dhas, a resident of the Kherwadi area had a function at her place on the night of 14 May. But somehow her husband caught up in a spat with some people during which someone had bent Komal’s hand causing her a deep injury. Hence, when Komal took the medical report to the police station, the police said that they won’t file an FIR since the doctor’s handwriting is not legible.

Komal has now written a letter to the CP and the DCP appealing for justice.

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