RPF sub-inspector R R Mishra attempts suicide at Kurla station

RPF Mishra was termed guilty for selling brass and copper made products which belonged to the railway yard


On Monday morning, RPF police sub-inspector R R Mishra tried ending his life by jumping in front of a train. This incident took place at Kurla after which Mishra is admitted to Sion’s Lokmanya Tilak hospital.

R R Mishra is associated with Matunga’s Railway workshop. A few months back, copper and brass products were sold off from the railway yard. The same was reported at Matunga police station when police investigated the matter, 11 RPF inspectors were found guilty.

Mishra was one of the 11 guilty inspectors and after they were found guilty, they were suspended. The matter was being probed by senior RPF inspector Suresh Atri.

On Monday morning, Mishra was called for an inquiry at Kurla RPF office. Meanwhile, Mishra jumped in front of the Titwala bound train at Kurla’s platform no. 1. However, fortunately, he survived the accident but his both legs suffered grievous injuries.

When Mishra was asked why he attempted suicide, he said that he was being harassed by RPF inspector Suresh Atri. Police are now probing the case.