• See, how alert Mumbaikars are?

Mumbai – 26/11 The date that shakes many when they hear about it. If you are thinking that security arrangements in the city are sufficient to secure the city, then this report of Mumbai Live prove you wrong. To check the security alertness of Mumbai residents, Mumbai Live had kept a bag at different places. At Bandra railway station, Mumbai Live reporter keeps a bag at around 4 pm. No one comes near the bag even after passing of 30 minutes. The concerned Reporter picks up the bag and leaves the place. He then enters the office of Bandra Collectorate where he finds none for the security check up. He moves on upto second floor but nobody asks him anything. Later, he moves to busy Chakala Cross Lane where he keeps the bag on the ground. Commuters look at the bag but ignore it. After 40 minutes, no security guard or any alert citizen came to know about this bag. Thereafter, the reporter reaches Dadar Plaza and keeps the bag where a CCTV camera is installed. He expects that somebody would come up and enquire about the bag. Yet again, he finds that none is bother about their security. The reporter then reaches one of the most sensitive areas of the city - Sena Bhavan in Dadar. There are CCTV installed at almost every shop but no person detected the bag even after lying there for around half an hour.

So, this is the security alertness of the citizens as well as our security agencies. While doing this, we had kept our camera at a long distance so that people should not suspect us. Now, see that may provide you some relief. The area is Lower Parel West. Reporter keeps the bag on ground and goes away. After 15 minutes, two persons reach there, check the bag with the help of a wooden stick and finally calls up the police control room.
With this report, Mumbai Live does not wish to create a sense of fear among the citizens. We just wanted to show how alert we Mumbaikars are about our own safety. Mumbai Live appeals you to carefully watch what happens around you and inform the control room in case you find something suspicious.

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