Son kills mother in cold blood

Son kills mother in cold blood

How much of an emotional trauma would a man have to go through when he finds out that his wife was murdered by his own son? Gyaneshwar Ganore, police officer who was investigating the infamous ‘Sheena Bora murder case’ had to go through a painful trauma. His son was nabbed by the police in Jodhpur for the murder of his wife. Jodhpur police arrested Siddhant Ganore in Jodhpur and handed him over to Mumbai police on the same day. The boy confessed on camera at Udyan Nagar Police Station and claimed that he was too stressed because of constant fights between his parents. He also said that his mother constantly played the victim card and thought everybody was plotting against her. He killed his mother using a knife.

After killing his mother, Deepali Ganore, the boy took around Rs. 1,50,000 and absconded by switching trains and reached Jodhpur. The boy had used his mother’s blood and sketched a smiley and scripted on the floor ‘Tired of her. Catch me and hang me’.

The incident took place on Tuesday evening. He picked up a knife from the kitchen and attacked his mother’s throat 9-10 times. He showered after the attack and left with the money. When police officer Gyaneshwar Ganore returned home, he found his wife lying in a pool of blood.

"During the investigation, officer Ganore's son was spotted in Jaipur according to our sources. Three teams of officers took a flight immediately to Jaipur but after getting there, the boy had travelled to Jodhpur. Because the travel time between Jaipur and Jodhpur is around seven hours, we asked Jodhpur police to help us out. We shared details of the boy including his image and asked Jodhpur police to search hotels and they arrested him there" Mumbai Police spokesperson, Rashmi Karandikar informed Mumbai Live.

This tragic incident has shocked the city to the core.

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