Six people who hunted Flamingos in Malad finally surrender

On July 10, six accused hunt down a flamingo and went missing


Flamingos were hunted in Malad on July 10, 2018, and the hunters were on run since then. Finally, after five days of investigation, all six hunters surrendered to Kandalvan area officers. Prashant Deshmukh, Range Officer, West Zone, said that further investigation is underway. The hunting took place around July 10 at Malad’s Jan Kalyan Nagar’s Panthal area.

It is believed that people hunt flamingos for its pink meat and this activity is increasing day by day. In order to prevent flamingo hunting, Kandalvan’s forest officers, animal lovers including police are trying their best to keep the hunters at bay, but to no avail.

Flamingos flock to Mumbai’s creeks from Gujarat, Siberia and Africa in the month of October-November. They stay in Mumbai until February. Post-July, they start flying back to their countries. Meanwhile, people throng Vashi, Sewri, Mahul, Airoli creek to catch a glimpse of these beautiful birds..

Five accused, Hemant Bhandari, Bhopet Tryambak Bhandari, Rakesh Bhandari, Sagar Pramod Lad, Matog Michael Reses confessed their crime and surrendered after being on the run for five days. Along with Deshmukh, the enquiry was carried out by P P Thakur, Jagannath Salve, D J Mutke, H R Sathe, R L Gaikwad and K R Harijan.

Flamingo (scientific name Phoenicopteridae) is a protected species under schedule IV of the Indian Wildlife Protection Act, 1972. According to the act, hunting a Flamingo is a punishable offence and if it is proven, then the guilty receive three years of jail term and a fine of ₹25,000.

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