The Debacle Between Nawab Malik And Sameer Wankhede

With the case still in progress, one can only anticipate further mud being thrown at each other.

The Debacle Between Nawab Malik And Sameer Wankhede

Sameer Wankhede’s name has been doing the rounds in reports over the past few days, especially since the arrest of Aryan Khan in the drug cruise ship raid. He’s been targeted by many, with the most prominent figure being Nawab Malik, Cabinet Minister Maharashtra.

Malik has constantly taken to social media to malinger the name of the officer, for he believes that Wankhede is a “fraud”. The sequence of the events unfolded like this:

  • Mumbai Police has refuted the complaint lodged by Sameer Wankhede regarding his claims of being spied upon.
  • On Wednesday, Malik demanded that the vigilance committee get call detail records of Wankhede, Prabhakar Sail, Kiran Gosavi and Wankehde's driver. He added that several Bollywood actresses were called for questioning last year, but no arrests were made. Therefore, he believes the matter should be investigated. He also posted a picture of Wankhede and his first wife. 
  • On Tuesday, Nawab Malik claimed to have received a letter from an unnamed official from the NCB and demanded that it be included in the investigation against Wankhede. Talking about the letter claiming fraud within Narcotics Control Bureau, NCB Director General Mutha Ashok Jain said: "I have seen the letter. We will take necessary action." Gyaneshwar Singh, DDG NCB, also made a statement stating that he hasn't called anyone on Tuesday and if does have to question him, he will call him.
  • Dr. Jitendra Awhad, also posted a picture on Twitter, that according to many indirectly points to Wankhede.
  • In the most recent development, Malik took to Twitter to supposedly share Wankhede’s birth certificate wherein the name of his father was stated as Dawood Wankhede.
  • Soon after this, his wife Kranti Redkar Wankhede came out in defense of her husband and said both of them are born Hindus and have never converted to any other religion. On Tuesday, she also added that her husband is an honest officer and that many wish that he be removed.
  • Before this, he also put a picture on Twitter that is believed by many to be an older picture of Wankhede.
  • On Thursday, Malik made another comment against Wankhede, alleging that the officer was only brought to the agency by the union after the death of Bollywood actor, Sushant Singh Rajput. Post this, he believes that Wankhede commenced “playing games with the film industry”. He claimed that Wankhede had visited Dubai and the Maldives and wanted to know the reason behind this.
  • Malik had earlier tweeted that an individual named Fletcher Patel has been named as a panch witness in the Aryan Khan and Rhea Chakraborty case. He claims that Patel was acquainted with Wankhede.
  • Prior to this, Malik claimed that the NCB Zonal Director is working at the bidding of the BJP to spoil the name of the Hindi film industry.
  • Since the Aryan Khan case has taken the limelight, Malik has been attacking the NCB.

The NCB, however, has hit back at Malik.

  • A five-member team of NCB, arrives in Mumbai from Delhi to probe the allegations of corruption made by Sail, a witness in the drugs on cruise case.
  • Mumbai NCB has summoned Prabhakar Sail, a witness in the drugs on cruise case, for questioning in connection with his allegations of corruption.
  • NCB says No action will be initiated on the anonymous letter, containing allegations against Wankhede forwarded by Malik to Director General of NCB as per guidelines.
  • Wankhede had gone to the NCB office in Delhi, amid the allegations made on him.
  • They stated that because his son-in-law was nabbed earlier this year by the NCB, post which he was behind bars for nearly six months. They believe that it is for this reason that Malik has been attempting to retaliate against the authority.
  • Wankhede, on the other hand, issued a statement against the claims made by Malik. He clarified that whilst his father is Hindu, his mother was Muslim. He added that his father retired as a senior police inspector of the state excise department. He further went on to state that he hails from a secular family and is proud of his heritage.
  • A three-member team of NCB will go from Delhi to Mumbai on Tuesday to probe the allegations of corruption levelled against Wankhede. 

With the case still in progress, one can only anticipate further mud being thrown at each other.

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