Gulmohar tree kills 14-year-old in Navy Nagar

    Navy Nagar
    Gulmohar tree kills 14-year-old in Navy Nagar
    Mumbai  -  

    A 14-year-old Rahul Kumar hardly knew that Tuesday would be his last day, That he would lose his life to a head injury.

    Navy Nagar resident Rahul Kumar, son of  Colonel Vipin Kumar Madanmohan, had planned to meet his friends on Tuesday. Likewise, he left his home and on the way at Somnath Vatika, part of a Gulmohar tree fell on his head, injuring him badly. Bystanders immediately took him to nearby Ashwini hospital where he was declared dead on arrival. His dead body was then sent to G T Hospital for post mortem where doctors confirmed head injury as a reason for death.
    “Upon investigation, it was clear that part of the Gulmohar tree had become weak and so it fell. We have reported the case as an accidental death,” said Rashmi Karandikar, Mumbai police spokesperson.

    Usually, BMC trims down the branches prior to monsoon season. When Mumbai Live spoke to A ward’s assistant commissioner Kiran Dighaonkar, he said that civic workers have trimmed down the branches of 5,660 trees which were a part of A/Ward. “As far is Navy Nagar incident is concerned it comes under defence and hence it is looked after Cantonment Board which is controlled by the defence ministry. It is a separate authority. We had sent out general instructions regarding trimming down branches through newspapers and websites. But we cannot do much in the defence area,” said Kiran Dighaonkar, assistant commissioner, A ward, BMC.

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