Astrologers and numerologist predict why Modi strategically chose '9 baje 9 minute'

Many people across the country gathered to fight against coronavirus. They joined PM Narendra Modi's initiative and lit candles, diyas and torch lights outside their homes on April 5, 2020, at 9pm for 9 minutes. But is there a science behind it? Find out

Astrologers and numerologist predict why Modi strategically chose '9 baje 9 minute'

Many across India participated in PM Narendra Modi's '9 baje 9 minute' initiative, but not many know the reason why he chooses such specific time during the day. While we should not believe in superstition, many astrologers and numerologists have given their prediction and shared the same on social media.

For us at Mumbai Live, this is an event that spreads positivity and unites us in such critical moments. It is one reason where people leave their worries aside and come together to spread smile and share joy. But here is one such prediction which we found on social media and these were shared by our users. 

Some said that Modi strategically chose the number 9, hence he delivered the message at 9:00 am, and spoke for around 9 minutes. He asked us to gather on April 5 (5/4), which sums to  9, and at 9 pm for 9 minutes. The day he delivered this message was the  9th day of lockdown, and from April 5, 2020,  9 days will be left for the lockdown to end (as per the current schedule). Astrologers say that the number '9' denotes Mars (मंगल) which represents light and fire, and hence Modi chose this initiative to activate the energy of the planet. Besides this, it is also said that it will also please the 9 planetary gods (Navgruha) which may help save lives.

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Similar predictions were made during the earlier initiative on the day of Janta Curfew, where the entire nation appreciated the teams which are working relentlessly to fight coronavirus in the country. Even then, the time was chosen strategically for 5 minutes at 5 pm. 

Consider this article to be a light-read and it is not necessary that you believe in this. Mumbai Live does not, in any manner, promote such beliefs or practices.

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