Managed Accommodation in Pune: Everything you Should Know About It

Managed Accommodation in Pune: Everything you Should Know About It

Gone are the days when people used to visit door to door and meet a ton of brokers in order to find themselves a perfect accommodation. We are progressing in every which way and now, everything has become tech-savvy, including finding an abode for ourselves. People are inclining towards online searches and have started to depend upon managed accommodation! Let’s have a look at what exactly is managed accommodation?

Managed accommodation is a term that is gaining massive popularity these days. The former has changed the face of rental accommodation in India. So, instead of the local, unorganized PG and hostel set-ups, managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living have introduced a professionally-operated co-living experience. Under this concept,  people might occupy single or shared rooms, typically well-furnished and with their own bathrooms. However, spaces like kitchens, entertainment lounges/TV rooms, dining areas, terraces, etc are for common use, allowing healthy division of rent per person.  in most professionally managed accommodation, residents get all the basic services and amenities - food is provided by most of the hosts, along with security, power supply, laundry, housekeeping, internet services, and all other basic conveniences. The best part is that it is all-inclusive in the rent amount.

Managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living take care of everything from the initial point of your requirements, finds the best fit for you, and also help you with your concerns.

Let’s have a look at some of the facilities that managed accommodation offers

Affordable accommodation

Since accommodation is custom-fitted to meet the needs of inhabitants, managed accommodation providers take budget into strict consideration. Many providers offer comprehensive all-inclusive lease, so unlike private rentals, your power, water, and wifi costs are all included in one straightforward instalment. That implies it's simpler to make a financial plan every month, as you'll know precisely the amount you'll be spending on living.

Security services

It tends to be nerve-wracking moving to another city for studies or for work requirements, and managed accommodation providers like Stanza Living get that. They offer additional security through the restricted entry,  CCTV recording, and on-location 24/7 security guards. Whereas private rentals lack such services, or if they provide it, they’d charge for it additionally.  On the contrary, your safety and security are their prime concerns. They try to foster a feeling of being at home and you'll gradually realize that your new home is a sheltered and secure place.

Network expansion

For many individuals, the idea of being far away from family can be upsetting. In any case, you'll discover another family through the new bond that you'll form in your accommodation. You'll regularly be feasting, talking, and spending time with the individuals in your house, and in light of the fact that you're all here for a similar reason, you'll bond over common experiences. This implies you will consistently have somebody to converse with, which can be an incredible solution for homesickness.

Well equipped rooms

While choices fluctuate upon where you live and the kind of room you pick, managed accommodation providers incorporate basics like a bed, work area, cupboards and storage space,  seating. This implies you don't need to worry about setting up your new space, so you can move in and get directly to meeting your new flatmates without the problem of buying and shifting in your furniture.

Besides, numerous providers offer gyms, common areas, grills, and open-air patios, which means the entire house is absolutely prepared for both regular living and weekends.

These are some of the perks offered by managed accommodation providers. If you are planning to move out in Pune and settle into a PG in Pune, consider opting for managed accommodation providers for a hassle-free experience.

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