Saibaba temple at Shirdi to remain open on Dec 24 and 31 nights

Special aarti will be performed for the New Year

Saibaba temple at Shirdi to remain open on Dec 24 and 31 nights

Planning to start the New Year with the blessing of Saibaba? The Saibaba temple at Shirdi will remain open all night long. Not only this, but the temple will also be open on the night of 24th December. Temple's management is expecting a huge rush on both days. 

"We are expecting a huge rush on the occasions of Christmas and New Year and have decided to keep the temple open on nights of December 24 and 31," said Kundan Kumar Sonawane, acting Executive Officer of Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan Trust to Press Trust of India.

There will also be a special Shiv Festival organised to bid goodbye to 2019 and to welcome 2020 on a good. In the view of all this, the shejarati of Saibaba puja that is performed at night, stands cancelled on 24th and 31st night, whereas kakada arati, performed at dawn, will not be performed on December 25 and January 1.

The management has announced that bursting of crackers and playing loud music is not allowed inside the premise. They have also requested the people to help the management in adhering to all rules and making sure that order and harmony can be maintained in the temple premises.