State Government to implement ‘Heritage Walks’ in Mumbai

State Government to implement ‘Heritage Walks’ in Mumbai

The Maharashtra State Government is planning to begin “Heritage Walks” in the city for tourists and residents of the city. This walking tour will cover iconic spots of the city including Queens Necklace, Asiatic Library, Gateway of India, Crawford Market, and several other South Mumbai spots.

To facilitate heritage walks, the State Government will reportedly keep aside Rs 2 crore for infrastructure development along the route. This will include footpaths, seating arrangements, restrooms, signboards, and so on every 500 meters. 

Speaking on the proposal, Guardian Minister of Mumbai City, Aslam Shaikh (INC) said that the government is also taking suggestions from the locals. “Not only tourists, but anyone who loves Mumbai will be happy to do a heritage walk after sunset. Thousands of people who come to South Mumbai daily to attend an office or for business purposes do not get the time to explore the heritage structures,” Shaikh said.

Since this is still a proposal, work on the infrastructure is yet to begin. But once completed, it will give Mumbaikars a chance to take a proper tour of the city without concerning themselves with traffic or congestion. 

Other details like timings or prices (if any) are yet to be disclosed by the authorities. A move like this will also provide an opportunity for vendors in the area to ramp up their establishments in order to increase their footfalls and as a result increase their business. 

As you wait for the official State Government tourist walks to begin, we highly recommend checking out our guide for the best places in the city you can visit on your own

Apart from this, there are plenty of proposals in works to help increase the in inflow of tourist in the state. Under the same, Mumbai 24X7 has become a reality. So now malls, shops and resturants have an option to stay open round the clock in the city.

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