Dice Media's 'Firsts - Season 2' shows a part of 'your' love life

Rating: 4/5 | Cast: Pranay Manchanda and Kriti Vij

Dice Media's 'Firsts - Season 2' shows a part of 'your' love life

In the first season of Firsts, we saw high school romance and the moments we have lived as teenagers. But time changes, we evolve and grow up. The 'funda' of relationship changes, and that's what Dice Media's second season of Firsts talks about.

The beauty of this concept, as mentioned previously, is the format - short sweet and to the point. Pranay Manchanda (Aman) and Kriti Vij (Tanya), swipe each other right, and the 'sort of' virtual dating begins.

In today's time, especially during the lockdown, many of us have a lot of time in hand, and while some of us are single and bored and in need of the special person, these dating apps come to rescue. But contrary to the concept, can you fall for someone by virtually knowing them and not meeting them in person? Well, it can happen, says this show.

Pranay and Kriti are established across and have a loyal following. The real-life couple plays themselves -  young, progressive adults dealing with everyday problems, trying to find reasons to stay happy in these tough times. Their characters help you resonate your thoughts and you'll find a part of yourselves in Aman and Tanya.

Just like season 1, season 2 also shows the 'first moments' of dating life, however, unlike season 1, the moments here are seamless. While you could differentiate and identify individual memories in the first season of Firsts, this season will keep you engrossed in the story, where you'll leave the separate moments aside and focus on the 'one-wholesome' experience. 

However, what disappointed me was the end. It was too quick and abrupt, and I wish makers had focused on either continuing it in season 3, or an additional episode to show their life post the lockdown. Nevertheless, Firsts - Season 2 has a part of 'your' love life, and you will enjoy it. This is a quick watch, but not about a 'quickie.'

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