Dice Media's 'Firsts' is cute with many 'aww-worthy' moments

Rating: 4/5 | Cast: Rohan Shah and Apoorva Arora | Director: Nayana Shyam

Dice Media's 'Firsts' is cute with many 'aww-worthy' moments

The moments we spend every day are the memories we collect and cherish. For all of us, school days will always be special, because we were free, and more importantly, it was that time of our life, where we explored different moments on our own and experienced a lot for the first time. Focusing on this subject, thereby taking us back in time, to experience love once again is Dice Media's new web-series, Firsts, which stars Rohan Shah and Apoorva Arora in lead roles. 

The best aspect about this web series is the format, unlike any show before, as it lets us, experience love, again, in as short as one minute. This one-of-its-kind format was designed for Instagram, keeping the target audience in mind, and strive to offer an engaging and nostalgic trip of the 'firsts' we have had in our relationships, all of them through just 24 quick and short episodes.

The story revolves around Rohan and Apoova who are in school and find each other attractive and interesting. It is about the first time they see each other and the story unfolds from the very moment to a point where it delves into the first kiss, fight, holding hands, experiencing something special, etc. Both the character share moments, where they are seen smiling, sharing chocolates, spending time, chatting over food, on the phone, and a lot more, giving us a quick sneak-peak into their lives.

What the team achieves through this show is a grip over the new format. They make this memorable as the subject connects with you, and you will find it relatable and sweet. In today's time, where digital platforms are exploring different stories, such shows with simple content ideas, always become the go-to videos to relax. Firsts would become one of those quick watch videos, which you would end up smiling widely and eventually share it with friends as everyone in their life has been through these moments. 

The duo - Rohan Shah and Apoorva Arora - have been loved for their work in previous shows and webisodes. They are popular among the crowd for their refined acting and their effortless work reflects a lot of love and innocence in Firsts. Other actors support the cast well and have delivered their parts fairly well.

Talking about the format, this is something brands would soon adopt as it reaches the right TG through social media, thereby incorporating the perfect amount of storytelling and brand presence. In this case, making the best of Cadbury with the nostalgic school romance becomes the perfect premise as one would see the product and relate to it. By smartly making it a part of the show, the makers do not hamper the experience but deliver absolute justice to what the brand stands for.

To sum it up, Firsts is cute and will take you back to your first time. There will be a lot of 'aww-worthy' moments throughout the short show. This also becomes the 'first Instagram web series' and the format is here to stay. It is refreshing and quite promising for several reasons, for everyone in the content ecosystem. While the brands achieve the promotional aspirations, writers get a chance to explore their creativity with something new; this short-form content comes a sigh of relief for those who wish to watch interesting work, but with limited time in hand.

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