Pooja Kumar Talks About Working with Priyadarshan in Anamika: Did not even hear anything

Pooja Kumar Talks About Working with Priyadarshan in Anamika: Did not even hear anything

This weekend, Zee5 has come out with a brand new offering. It is an anthology called Forbidden Love, in which four award-winning filmmakers have come together to tell unconventional love stories. Two movies of this series are already streaming on Zee5 and the two will be releasing at a later date.

One of the series that is currently streaming is Anamika, which is directed by National Award-winning director Priyadarshan and stars Priya Kumar.

Not many would know but Priya has worked with Priyadarshan almost 20 years ago in the movie Virasat. In a conversation with Mumbai Live, the actress told us that she had been waiting for all this while for to unite again with Priyadarshan and when the opportunity appeared she did not hear anything and just yes.

She says, “Priyadarshan is one of my idols. His movies Kaala Paani, Virasat and Hera Pheri have such a varied screenplay. He has so many variations. He gave me my first job 20 years ago. I had been waiting to work again with him and I would check with him from time to time on when are we working again. When he called me for this project, I was so excited that I did not even hear anything and just yes!”

She further adds, “He is so clear on what he wants. This is a 45 minutes movie and we shot it in just eight days. He knows exactly what he wants to extract from his actors. He has already has everything chalked out clearly in his head. There are no extra takes as he has already edited the movie in his head. It was a wonderful experience working with and I learnt a lot from him”.

Talking more about the project Priya revealed that this is not a typical, traditional love story and in this she plays a role of a housewife that has been married for over 10 years and she is feeling neglected, isolated and not in love. She is going through these troubled emotions and don’t know how to makes things right. “I loved the concept as it was relatable. It is an elaborate film and people will get to see a lot in these 45 minutes.

Since Priya is born in the US, Priya had to spend quite some time in getting into the skin of the character as her sensibilities were quite different from the character she is playing. She wanted her character to look as close to reality as possible and not forced. As a part of her preparations for the role in the movie Anamika, Priya watched a few Hindi movies that had Indian women as a central character. She even observed a lot of women to understand how they talk and do something as basic as walking from the kitchen.

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