ZEE5’s The Final Call - Series Review

Based on Priya Kumar's novel, I Will Go With You, this ZEE5 series is directed by Vijay Lalwani and stars Arjun Rampal, Sakshi Tanwar, Vipin Sharma, Neeraj Kabi and others.

ZEE5’s The Final Call - Series Review

Most of us have been on a flight, at least once so far. As fascinating, flights may be, there is always a fear of facing the risk, whatever it may be and one always wishes for a safe flight. But what would happen if the pilot flying the plane has a different plan altogether Sounds scary? Well, if it does, then The Final Call, a ZEE5 original is focused on taking us on one such journey.

Captain Karan Sachdev (Arjun Rampal) a pilot and ex-wing commander, is on duty, flying from Mumbai to Sydney, along with his co-pilot Abhimanyu Sahai (Harshad Arora) and flight attendant Pari (Anupriya Goenka). Due to some past instances, he is mentally disturbed and decides to commit suicide by consuming poison. But not everything happens as planned and his journey takes an unexpected detour, leading to serious troubles for him, his staff and passengers. On suspecting the risk and concerns, ATC officer Kiran Mirza (Sakshi Tanwar) and her team along with ATS officer Chief Kale (Vipin Sharma) try to tackle the situation. What happens further in the story, is completely dependent on how the team and captain coordinate and take 'The Final Call' thereby avoiding any more problems.

Based on Priya Kumar's novel, I Will Go With You, this series is directed by Vijay Lalwani. The team at ZEE5 earlier called this series Row no. 26, but later changed it to 'The Final Call' thereby keeping it apt to the subject and the emotions involved in the series. Comprising of a total of eight episodes, this series delves deep into many topics. On one hand, while it focuses on what a mentally drained and emotionally unstable person can go through, on the other hand, it also tries to deal with spiritual beliefs, energy, and other related aspects. The script oscillates majorly between two subjects - survival and spiritualism, thereby taking the audience through the journey of what every character has been through.

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Talking about the cast, Arjun Rampal plays the character well, by balancing both the emotional and the negative shades of Captain Karan Sachdeva. Some moments from his life which lead to the mental trauma are quite relatable as we would have come across many such people dealing with the same, but of course, reciprocating in a different manner altogether. He is rigid yet vulnerable in his character. Sakshi Tanwar complements the role of ATC officer Kiran Mirza. Her role of a bold and mentally strong officer is enjoyable. So is ATS officer Chief Kale (Vipin Sharma), who is impressive, with his adamant and a slightly negative role. The different yet interesting character in The Final Call, who adds the 'calm factor' is Neeraj Kabi. His portrayal of V. Krishnamurthi strives to leave a behind some aspects of spiritual enlightenment. His character of an astrologer and a believer of fate, destiny, etc. is completely opposite of Karan, who unfortunately due to his bitter experiences, has lost all the hope, eventually forcing himself to take such a drastic step.

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Dialogues written for the series have an interesting approach, especially the ones delivered by Kiran Mirza and V. Krishnamurthi. Both the characters share a positive approach to life but convey the same through their lines with quite a distinctive difference. While Kiran's messages reflect her experience, Krishnamurti's approach involves acceptance and deep understanding of the stars. Talking about the location, some scenes shot in Kashmir, especially amid the snow-clad mountains, are picturesque.

To sum it up, ZEE5's The Final Call is an interesting adaptation of the novel where distinctively different characters and the well-plotted twists, make this web series highly compelling to watch.