Scholarship exam for Class 5 and 8 students to held on August 12

This is the fifth time officials have changed the date for the examination. Every year, this is scheduled in the month of February, however, this was cancelled previously keeping the COVID-19 pandemic risks in mind.

Scholarship exam for Class 5 and 8 students to held on August 12

Scholarship examinations planned for students from fifth and eighth grade has been postponed once again and as per the revised schedule, the exam will now be held on August 12 2021. Earlier, the scholarship examination was expected to be held on August 9, 2021.

The Maharashtra State Examination Council conducts these Scholarship Examinations every year in the month of February, however, the examination was previous postponed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 

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Post the first delay from February this year, the Pre-Upper Primary (Fifth) and Pre-Secondary (Eighth) examinations for scholarships were announced on April 25. But a letter was sent from the school education department asking the concerned officials to postpone the same due to pandemic restrictions.  new date of May 23 was fixed, however, with increasing cases during the second wave, the exam was postponed again to June 21, considering the safety aspects in mind. But this date was changed again to August 8 by the examination council. 

This was postponed then by a day to August 9, 2021, as it was clashing with the Central Police Force exams. Moreover, August 9 also marks 'World Tribal Day' and some tribal organizations had expressed displeasure regarding the same. Hence, the dates have been changed once again as per the demand raised by certain groups. This time, the officials have postponed the same by another three days.

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The department considered a revision keeping the recently hit floods and landslides in mind, as they might cause difficulties for the students across several districts. Confirming the new date, Maharashtra State Examination Council Deputy Commissioner Shailja Darade said that the exam will now be held on August 12 and the admission cards issued earlier will be accepted for the same.

Data reveals that over 10 lakh students from fifth and eighth grade register for the scholarship examination every year. However, the number has dropped this year due to the coronavirus pandemic and only over 6.32 lakh students from 47, 612 schools in the state have filled online application. This includes over 3.88 lakh students from fifth grade class and over 2.44 lakh students from eighth grade.

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